Almonte, now 19-year-old prospect, weds older woman

Danny Almonte has grown up.

The former Bronx Little League pitcher whose being two years over the maximum age invalidated his team's Little League World Series run is now a 19-year-old pitching prospect likely to be selected in the baseball amateur draft, scheduled for June 6-7.

He's also a recently married man -- and to an older woman.

The New York Daily News reported Friday that Almonte married Rosy Perdomo, 30, a Manhattan hair stylist, in a City Hall ceremony last fall.

"She's special," Almonte told the Daily News. "My family is happy for me."

Since the Little League scandal five years ago, Almonte, a left-hander, has pitched for Monroe High School in New York City.

He was selected to play for the East team in the All-American Baseball Game on June 7 in Albuquerque, N.M., and Monroe High was recently ranked seventh in the nation by USA Today and 43rd by Baseball America.

As of May 11th, USA Today reported, Almonte was 9-0 with 0.45 ERA and 76 strikeouts in 47 innings.

Perdomo told the Daily News that she's known Almonte since his Little League days.

"He used to always tell me things and I was like, 'You're a minor ... we'd get in trouble,'" Perdomo told the Daily News. "I really waited for the right person to come along, so I wasn't going to just fool around, especially not with someone younger than me."

She told the newspaper the two got closer last year and moved in together in June. "We share a lot ... It's a family here. We have the same friends. We just have a lot in common."

If Almonte is not taken in the draft or decides not to go pro, he has a scholarship awaiting him at New Mexico Junior College in Hobbs, N.M., the newspaper reported.