Game Information

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota 55488
Attendance: 55,960
Capacity: 46,632

Scoring Summary

3rdM Tejada homered to left, S Hatteberg scored.20
3rdC Guzman grounded out to shortstop, A Pierzynski scored.21
3rdD Ortiz hit a ground rule double to left, J Jones scored, C Koskie to third.22
4thA Pierzynski scored, L Rivas to third on wild pitch by T Hudson.24
4thC Guzman grounded into fielder's choice to first, L Rivas scored on throwing error by first baseman S Hatteberg, J Jones to second.25
4thC Koskie singled to center, J Jones scored, C Guzman to third.26
4thC Guzman scored, C Koskie to second on wild pitch by T Lilly.27
4thT Hunter doubled to left center, C Koskie scored.28
4thD Mientkiewicz singled to left center, T Hunter scored.29
7thD Mientkiewicz homered to right, T Hunter scored.211
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