Scoring Summary


2ndA Dunn scored, J LaRue to third on wild pitch by M Prior.10
2ndR Taylor sacrificed to pitcher, J LaRue scored.20
4thM Bellhorn hit sacrifice fly to right, S Sosa scored.21
5thF Lopez singled to left, J LaRue and B Larson scored, F Lopez to second on error by left fielder M Alou.41
6thJ LaRue doubled to left center, S Casey scored, A Dunn to third.51
6thM Alou singled to left, S Sosa scored.52
6thM Bellhorn doubled to right, M Alou scored, E Karros to third.53
7thF Lopez sacrificed to pitcher, B Larson to third, J Guillen to second, B Larson scored, J Guillen to third, F Lopez safe at second on throwing error by pitcher J Cruz.63
7thS Casey singled to center, J Guillen and F Lopez scored.83
7thA Dunn singled to center, S Casey scored, A Kearns to second.93
8thJ Guillen homered to right, B Larson scored.113
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