Scoring Summary


4thS Sosa homered to right center.01
4thM Bellhorn singled to right, T O'Leary and H Choi scored, R Martinez to third.03
4thP Bako singled to left center, R Martinez scored, M Bellhorn to second.04
4thC Patterson doubled to deep left, M Bellhorn scored, P Bako to third.05
5thR Martinez doubled to deep left center, H Choi scored.06
5thC Patterson singled to center, R Martinez scored, S Estes to second.07
5thS Sosa doubled to left, S Estes and C Patterson scored, A Gonzalez to third.09
6thH Choi homered to left center.010
6thM Bellhorn homered to right center.011
7thA Dunn grounded out to second, S Casey scored.111
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