Scoring Summary


1stS Sosa homered to center, M Grudzielanek and A Gonzalez scored.03
1stH Choi homered to right.04
3rdF Lopez scored, A Kearns to second on passed ball by D Miller.14
4thJ Castro scored, P Wilson to third, A Boone to second on passed ball by D Miller.24
4thD Miller homered to center.25
4thH Choi walked, M Grudzielanek scored, A Gonzalez to third, S Sosa to second.26
5thM Grudzielanek singled to left center, D Miller scored.27
7thM Alou homered to left, M Grudzielanek and S Sosa scored.210
8thK Stinnett doubled to left center, R Mateo scored.310
9thS Casey scored, A Kearns to third, A Dunn to second on wild pitch by M Remlinger.410
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