Scoring Summary


1stC Patterson singled to center, S Sosa and M Alou scored, H Choi to third, C Patterson to second advancing on throw.02
1stM Bellhorn singled to left, H Choi and C Patterson scored, M Bellhorn to second on error by left fielder J Guillen.04
3rdH Choi homered to left center.05
3rdM Bellhorn doubled to left, C Patterson scored.06
4thB Larson hit sacrifice fly to right, A Boone scored, A Dunn to third.16
5thK Wood homered to right center, M Bellhorn scored.18
5thS Sosa homered to left, M Grudzielanek and A Gonzalez scored.111
6thA Dunn homered to right, A Boone scored.311
6thT O'Leary singled to left, C Patterson scored, M Bellhorn to second.312
6thM Grudzielanek homered to left, M Bellhorn and T O'Leary scored.315
8thR Martinez doubled to left, T O'Leary scored.316
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