Scoring Summary


2ndB Ausmus grounded out to shortstop, L Berkman scored, M Ensberg to second.10
3rdJ Bagwell singled to center, C Biggio scored.20
4thG Jenkins singled to right, S Podsednik scored.21
4thL Overbay doubled to deep center, G Jenkins scored.22
6thR Hidalgo doubled to deep left, J Bagwell and L Berkman scored.42
6thB Ausmus singled to center, R Hidalgo scored, M Ensberg to third.52
6thW Miller sacrificed into fielder's choice to pitcher, M Ensberg scored, B Ausmus to third.62
6thC Biggio singled to right, B Ausmus scored, W Miller to second.72
6thJ Bagwell homered to left center, W Miller, C Biggio and A Everett scored.112
7thG Bennett singled to right, W Helms scored, B Grieve to third.113
7thB Kieschnick singled to center, B Grieve scored, G Bennett to second.114
8thR Hidalgo singled to center, J Lane and J Bagwell scored, L Berkman to third.134
8thL Overbay homered to right.135
8thG Bennett homered to left center, T Durrington scored.137
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