Scoring Summary


2ndB Clark doubled to deep left, L Overbay scored, B Clark out at third.10
2ndA LaRoche homered to right, J Estrada scored.12
3rdJ Drew singled to right center, R Furcal scored, M Giles to second.13
5thC Thomas singled to center, M Giles and J Drew scored, A LaRoche to third, C Thomas to second advancing on throw.15
5thM Derosa safe at second on throwing error by third baseman W Helms, A LaRoche and C Thomas scored.17
6thJ Drew homered to center.18
7thB Hall doubled to deep left, C Counsell scored.28
8thA LaRoche homered to right.29
8thM Derosa singled to right, A Jones scored, C Thomas to third.210
9thC Magruder hit sacrifice fly to center, G Bennett scored.310
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