Scoring Summary


1stD Lee singled to left, T Goodwin scored.10
1stB Hall singled to center, S Podsednik scored.11
1stG Jenkins homered to center, B Hall and L Overbay scored.14
2ndD Lee homered to center, M Grudzielanek and T Goodwin scored.44
3rdS Sosa homered to left.54
3rdR Branyan doubled to deep right, L Overbay scored, R Branyan thrown out at third attempting to advance on play.55
5thA Ramirez homered to left, N Garciaparra and M Alou scored.85
8thR Branyan hit sacrifice fly to center, B Hall scored, L Overbay to third.86
9thD Lee safe at second on error by third baseman R Branyan, T Goodwin scored.96
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