Scoring Summary


1stT Helton doubled to deep left, A Miles scored.01
1stB Hawpe singled to center, T Helton scored, P Wilson to third.02
1stC Sullivan singled to center, P Wilson scored, B Hawpe to second.03
2ndJ Estrada doubled to right, B Jordan scored.13
2ndR Furcal singled to left center, J Estrada scored.23
2ndT Helton doubled to deep right, A Miles scored.24
3rdA LaRoche homered to right.34
3rdJ Estrada safe at first on error by second baseman A Miles, A Jones scored, B Jordan to third.44
4thA LaRoche doubled to deep center, M Giles and C Jones scored.64
4thA Miles singled to left center, J Closser scored, C Barmes to third, A Miles to second advancing on throw.65
4thB Hawpe singled to right center, C Barmes and A Miles scored, T Helton to second.67