Scoring Summary


1stJ Estrada doubled to right, M Giles and A LaRoche scored, A Jones to third.20
1stR Langerhans singled to right center, A Jones and J Estrada scored.40
1stR Mondesi doubled to left, R Langerhans scored.50
1stJ Thomson doubled to deep left, R Mondesi scored.60
3rdP Wilson singled to center, T Helton scored.61
4thA Jones singled to center, M Giles scored.71
4thC Barmes singled to right, D Relaford scored, D Mohr to third.72
5thM Giles doubled to deep right, R Mondesi scored.82
5thB Hawpe grounded out to first, T Helton scored, P Wilson to third.82
5thD Relaford singled to left, P Wilson scored.83
5thG Atkins singled to center, C Sullivan scored, J Closser to second.84
8thR Mondesi safe at first on error by third baseman D Relaford, W Betemit scored, A Jones to third, J Estrada to second.95