Scoring Summary


1stA Miles hit sacrifice fly to center, C Barmes scored.01
4thA Jones homered to right.11
4thT Greene singled to right, T Helton scored.12
6thR Langerhans homered to right center.22
8thB Hawpe tripled to deep center, T Helton scored.23
8thT Greene singled to center, B Hawpe scored.24
9thR Langerhans homered to right.34
9thM Giles doubled to deep right, R Furcal scored.44
9thJ Franco singled to right, M Giles scored, C Jones to second, C Jones to third on error by right fielder D Mohr.54
9thD Mohr homered to left.55
9thT Greene singled to center, C Barmes scored, A Miles to third, T Helton to second.56