Scoring Summary


2ndJ Crede hit sacrifice fly to center, A Rowand scored.10
3rdA Kennedy singled to center, J Rivera scored.11
5thJ Dye doubled to left center, J Uribe scored, S Podsednik to third.21
5thC Figgins hit a ground rule double to deep right, A Kennedy scored.22
5thG Anderson hit sacrifice fly to right, C Figgins scored.23
7thJ Crede homered to left.33
8thJ Crede reached on infield single to second, A Rowand scored, A Pierzynski to second.43
9thP Konerko doubled to deep right center, T Iguchi scored, J Dye to third.53
9thA Rowand hit sacrifice fly to right, J Dye scored, P Konerko tagged out at third.63