Scoring Summary


1stM Cameron singled to right, D Roberts scored.01
1stR Bowen singled to center, M Cameron scored, B Giles to second.02
1stA Gonzalez hit sacrifice fly to right, B Giles scored, R Bowen to third.03
1stG Blum singled to center, R Bowen scored, K Greene to third.04
1stJ Peavy reached on infield single to second, K Greene scored, G Blum to second.05
3rdG Blum doubled to deep center, A Gonzalez scored.06
3rdJ Peavy hit a ground rule double to deep center, G Blum scored.07
3rdM Cameron singled to center, J Peavy scored.08
8thC Moeller singled to right, B Hall scored.18
8thG Jenkins grounded out to first, C Moeller scored, R Weeks to third, G Gross to second.28
8thC Lee singled to right center, R Weeks and G Gross scored.48
9thC Koskie homered to center.58
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