Scoring Summary


1stC Jones homered to right center, K Johnson scored.20
3rdB McCann hit a ground rule double to deep right, C Jones scored, A Jones to third.30
3rdA Jones scored, B McCann to third on wild pitch by M Pelfrey.40
7thJ Francoeur walked, E Renteria scored, C Jones to third, A Jones to second.50
7thC Wilson walked, C Jones scored, A Jones to third, J Francoeur to second.60
7thA Jones scored, J Francoeur to third, C Wilson to second on wild pitch by A Burgos.70
9thM Alou grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, C Beltran scored, D Wright out at second, M Alou to second on throwing error by second baseman K Johnson.71
9thS Green homered to right, M Alou scored.73
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