Scoring Summary


1stR Howard singled to right, J Rollins scored, C Utley to third.10
1stP Burrell doubled to deep center, C Utley and R Howard scored.30
2ndR Garko homered to left.31
3rdR Howard homered to right.41
4thR Garko singled to center, T Hafner scored, J Peralta to third.42
4thD Dellucci grounded into fielder's choice to first, J Peralta scored, R Garko out at second.43
7thC Utley singled to center, J Werth and J Rollins scored, S Victorino to second.63
8thJ Michaels singled to left, J Peralta and T Nixon scored, R Garko to third.65
9thR Howard doubled to deep right, S Victorino and C Utley scored.85
9thG Dobbs doubled to deep left, R Howard scored.95
9thJ Peralta doubled to deep left, J Barfield scored, V Martinez to third.96