2-0, 2-0 away
0-2, 0-2 home

Scoring Summary

1stR Weeks homered to left.10
4thB Hall singled to center, R Braun scored, B Hall to second advancing on throw.20
4thC Hart doubled to deep center, B Hall scored.30
4thD Lee homered to left center.31
5thR Braun singled to left, J Kendall scored, P Fielder to second.41
6thC Hart scored, J Kendall safe at second on throwing error by catcher G Soto.51
7thG Soto homered to center.52
8thG Kapler grounded out to shortstop, J Dillon scored, J Kendall to third.62
9thJ Kendall doubled to deep left center, J Hardy and T Gwynn scored.82