2-1, 2-1 away
1-2, 1-2 home

Scoring Summary

1stP Fielder hit sacrifice fly to right, R Weeks scored, T Gwynn to third, T Gwynn scored advancing on play.20
2ndM DeRosa reached on infield single to third, A Ramirez scored, K Fukudome to third.21
2ndG Soto hit sacrifice fly to center, K Fukudome scored.22
4thA Soriano walked, K Fukudome scored, M DeRosa to third, G Soto to second.23
5thA Ramirez homered to left.24
6thA Soriano singled to left, M Fontenot scored.25
6thR Theriot doubled to deep right, A Soriano scored.26
8thP Fielder singled to right center, R Weeks scored.36