15-12, 8-6 away
17-10, 11-5 home

Scoring Summary

1stD Lee doubled to deep left, R Johnson scored, R Theriot to third.01
1stA Ramirez doubled to deep left, R Theriot and D Lee scored.03
1stG Soto homered to left, A Ramirez and M DeRosa scored.06
3rdR Braun singled to left center, R Weeks scored, M Cameron to third.16
3rdM DeRosa singled to right, K Fukudome scored.17
5thR Braun doubled to deep center, J Kendall and R Weeks scored.312
6thK Fukudome singled to right, R Cedeno scored.313
7thM Rivera homered to left, R Weeks scored.513
8thM Murton singled to center, M DeRosa scored, M Fontenot to second.514
8thR Theriot walked, M Fontenot scored, M Murton to third, R Johnson to second.515
8thR Cedeno doubled to deep right, M Murton, R Johnson and R Theriot scored.518
8thD Ward doubled to deep center, R Cedeno scored.519