62-44, 23-30 away
60-46, 32-20 home

Scoring Summary

1stD Lee singled to right, A Soriano scored.10
3rdA Soriano homered to left.20
6thJ Hardy homered to left center.21
6thR Braun homered to left.22
6thC Hart doubled to deep left center, P Fielder scored, C Hart thrown out at third attempting to advance on play.23
7thD Lee grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, R Cedeno scored, R Johnson out at second, K Fukudome to third, K Fukudome scored, D Lee to second on throwing error by second baseman R Weeks.43
7thR Branyan homered to left center.44
9thD Lee doubled to deep right, A Soriano scored, M Fontenot to third.54
9thM DeRosa reached on infield single to shortstop, M Fontenot scored, D Lee to third, A Ramirez to second.64