64-44, 25-30 away
60-48, 32-22 home

Scoring Summary

1stR Johnson struck out swinging, R Johnson safe at first on wild pitch by M Parra, A Soriano scored, D Lee to third.10
1stM DeRosa singled to shallow center, D Lee scored, R Johnson to third.20
1stR Durham scored, P Fielder to second on wild pitch by R Dempster.21
6thR Theriot tripled to right center, R Dempster and A Soriano scored.41
6thR Johnson singled to center, R Theriot scored, A Ramirez to second.51
9thR Theriot walked, H Blanco scored, R Cedeno to third, A Soriano to second.61
9thD Lee grounded into fielder's choice to third, R Cedeno scored, A Soriano out at third, R Theriot to second.71
9thP Fielder homered to right.72