Scoring Summary


1stJ Thome singled to left center, D Wise scored, J Dye to third.01
1stA Pierzynski singled to center, J Dye scored, J Thome to second.02
6thA Pierzynski doubled to deep right, J Thome and A Ramirez scored.04
6thJ Owens sacrificed to pitcher, A Pierzynski scored, J Uribe to second.05
8thA Rios homered to left, J Bautista scored.25
8thB Anderson singled to left, N Swisher scored.26
9thL Overbay singled to center, J Inglett scored, S Rolen to second.36
9thM Scutaro doubled to deep right, S Rolen scored, L Overbay to third.46
9thJ Bautista grounded out to shortstop, L Overbay scored, M Scutaro to third.56
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