84-69, 40-38 away
92-59, 53-25 home

Scoring Summary

1stP Fielder grounded into fielder's choice to second, M Cameron scored, R Durham to second.10
2ndJ Edmonds homered to center.11
4thA Ramirez homered to left.12
6thM Cameron singled to left, C Counsell scored, M Lamb to second.22
6thR Durham singled to right, M Lamb scored, M Cameron to third.32
6thR Braun singled to right, M Cameron scored, R Durham to third, R Braun to second advancing on throw.42
6thJ Hardy walked, R Durham scored, R Braun to third, P Fielder to second.52
9thC Hart doubled to deep left center, P Fielder scored, J Hardy thrown out at home.62
9thJ Edmonds singled to center, A Ramirez scored.63
9thG Soto homered to left center, J Edmonds and M DeRosa scored.66
12thD Lee singled to center, J Marquis scored, A Soriano to third.67