Scoring Summary


1stF Lopez homered to left.01
2ndC Snyder doubled to deep left, C Jackson scored.02
3rdS Smith grounded out to second, A Cook scored, R Spilborghs to third.12
3rdB Hawpe doubled to deep center, R Spilborghs, T Helton and G Atkins scored.42
3rdC Tracy singled to right, C Young scored, S Drew to third.43
3rdE Byrnes hit sacrifice fly to center, S Drew scored.44
3rdT Clark homered to right, C Tracy scored.46
4thT Tulowitzki homered to left.56
4thC Iannetta homered to left.66
4thF Lopez homered to right.67
5thI Stewart singled to center, B Hawpe scored.77
5thT Clark homered to center.78
7thS Smith homered to right.88
7thC Tracy homered to right.89
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