Scoring Summary


2ndR Doumit scored on J Chacin's wild pitch.10
2ndT Tulowitzki homered to left.11
3rdA McCutchen scored, G Jones safe at third on throwing error by catcher C Iannetta.21
3rdD Young tripled to deep center, G Jones and S Pearce scored.41
3rdR Cedeno reached on infield single to second, D Young scored, A LaRoche to second.51
6thL Milledge doubled to deep right, A McCutchen scored, L Milledge to third on error by right fielder B Hawpe.61
6thC Gonzalez homered to right.62
7thS Smith doubled to right, C Barmes scored.63
8thG Jones doubled to deep center, A McCutchen scored.73
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