Scoring Summary


1stT Helton grounded into double play, second to shortstop to first, D Fowler scored, C Barmes out at second.01
1stT Tulowitzki homered to right.02
3rdC Barmes singled to left, D Fowler scored.03
5thA McCutchen hit sacrifice fly to right, R Cedeno scored.13
6thG Atkins singled to center, T Tulowitzki scored.14
7thI Stewart scored, D Fowler safe at third on throwing error by catcher J Jaramillo.15
7thC Barmes homered to left, D Fowler scored.17
8thC Gonzalez tripled to deep right, R Spilborghs and Y Torrealba scored.19
8thI Stewart hit sacrifice fly to center, C Gonzalez scored.110
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