Scoring Summary


2ndM Byrd homered to left.01
3rdJ Borbon homered to left.02
3rdM Byrd homered to center, M Young scored.04
5thD Young homered to left.14
6thN Cruz homered to center.15
6thE Andrus doubled to left, T Teagarden scored, E Andrus to third advancing on throw.16
6thJ Borbon doubled to left, E Andrus scored.17
6thM Young doubled to left center, J Borbon scored.18
6thM Byrd hit sacrifice fly to right, M Young scored.19
7thJ Borbon singled to left, H Blalock scored, E Andrus to second.110
7thM Young singled to right, E Andrus scored, J Borbon to third.111
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