Scoring Summary


1stH Matsui singled to right, J Damon scored. M Teixeira and A Rodriguez scored, H Matsui to third on error by right fielder T Snider.30
1stJ Posada singled to left, H Matsui scored.40
4thM Cabrera singled to center, H Matsui scored, N Swisher to third.50
4thR Chavez singled to right, V Wells scored, T Snider to third, J Bautista to second.51
4thM Scutaro hit sacrifice fly to center, T Snider scored.52
4thA Hill singled to center, J Bautista scored, R Chavez to second.53
5thA Rodriguez singled to center, J Damon scored, M Teixeira to second.63
5thJ Posada singled to right, M Teixeira scored, H Matsui to second.73
6thR Chavez doubled to deep center, T Snider scored.74
6thM Scutaro safe at second on error by third baseman A Rodriguez, R Chavez scored.75
9thA Rodriguez homered to left.85
9thJ Posada homered to right, J Hairston Jr. scored.105
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