Scoring Summary


2ndM Cabrera singled to center, J Posada scored, J Hairston Jr. to second.10
4thR Cano homered to right.20
4thR Ruiz homered to left center.21
4thJ McDonald singled to right, E Encarnacion scored, J Bautista tagged out at home.22
5thM Teixeira homered to left.32
6thA Rodriguez singled to center, E Hinske scored, N Swisher to second.42
6thJ Posada singled to right, N Swisher scored, A Rodriguez to third.52
6thJ Bautista tripled to deep center, E Encarnacion scored, J Bautista scored on throwing error by shortstop D Jeter.54
9thM Cabrera singled to center, R Cano scored, F Cervelli to second.64
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