Scoring Summary


1stA Hill doubled to left, M Scutaro scored.01
1stR Barajas singled to shallow left, A Hill scored.02
1stE Encarnacion singled to center, R Barajas scored, V Wells to second.03
3rdH Matsui singled to center, D Jeter and J Damon scored.23
3rdN Swisher doubled to left, H Matsui scored.33
3rdE Encarnacion safe at first on error by first baseman M Teixeira, V Wells scored.34
5thN Swisher homered to left center, M Teixeira scored.54
5thR Ruiz singled to right, V Wells scored, E Encarnacion to second.55
5thT Snider singled to right, E Encarnacion scored, R Ruiz to third.56
5thJ Inglett reached on infield single to third, R Ruiz scored, T Snider to second.57
5thA Hill walked, T Snider scored, J Inglett to third, M Scutaro to second.58
5thA Lind walked, J Inglett scored, M Scutaro to third, A Hill to second.59
5thV Wells reached on infield single to shortstop, M Scutaro scored, A Hill to third, A Lind to second.510
5thE Encarnacion walked, A Hill scored, A Lind to third, V Wells to second.511
5thR Ruiz hit by pitch, A Lind scored, V Wells to third, E Encarnacion to second.512
6thA Hill doubled to shallow left, J Inglett scored.513
6thR Barajas safe at first on error by shortstop R Pena, A Hill scored.514
7thM Cabrera homered to right, N Swisher and J Hairston Jr. scored.814
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