Scoring Summary


2ndK Fukudome walked, D Barney scored, K Hill advanced to third on M Montero throwing error.01
2ndS Castro doubled to center, K Hill scored, K Fukudome thrown out at home.02
3rdR Roberts homered to left (369 feet).12
3rdT Colvin homered to right (409 feet), M Byrd scored.14
7thG Parra singled to right, C Young scored, J Miranda to third, R Roberts to second.24
7thW Bloomquist singled to center, J Miranda and R Roberts scored, G Parra to second.44
7thM Byrd doubled to left, J Baker scored, S Castro to third.45
7thT Colvin walked, S Castro scored, M Byrd to third, A Ramirez to second.46
9thX Nady grounded out to pitcher, R Roberts scored, M Mora to second.56
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