13-15, 6-7 away
16-13, 13-5 home

Scoring Summary

2ndW Betemit doubled to deep right, B Butler scored, J Francoeur to third.01
2ndM Aviles doubled to shortstop, J Francoeur scored, W Betemit to third.02
2ndB Pena hit sacrifice fly to center, W Betemit scored, M Aviles to third.03
4thL Scott homered to right (386 feet), V Guerrero and A Jones scored.33
5thM Cabrera doubled to deep left, C Getz scored.34
6thA Jones singled to right, V Guerrero scored, M Reynolds to second.44
6thM Wieters hit sacrifice fly to right, M Reynolds scored, A Jones to third.54
6thJ Francoeur homered to left (380 feet).55
10thJ Francoeur hit sacrifice fly to right, A Gordon scored.56