14-16, 7-8 away
17-14, 14-6 home

Scoring Summary

1stA Jones singled to right, N Markakis scored, V Guerrero to third, A Jones to second advancing on throw.10
1stM Cabrera singled to center, C Getz scored, M Cabrera to second advancing on throw.11
1stA Gordon singled to right, M Cabrera scored.12
1stW Betemit doubled to deep right, A Gordon scored.13
1stM Aviles reached on infield single to third, W Betemit scored.14
2ndC Getz doubled to shallow left, A Escobar scored.15
4thM Cabrera doubled to deep center, B Pena and A Escobar scored.17
4thB Butler doubled to left, M Cabrera scored.18
8thM Cabrera homered to left (373 feet).19