Scoring Summary


1stA Hill doubled to deep left center, Y Escobar and C Patterson scored.20
2ndY Escobar doubled to left, J Molina scored.30
3rdJ Bautista homered to left (409 feet).40
3rdJ McDonald singled to left, A Hill and R Davis scored, J McDonald to second advancing on throw.60
3rdJ Molina singled to center, J McDonald scored.70
4thJ Bautista homered to left (380 feet).80
4thM Cuddyer walked, T Plouffe scored, J Kubel to third, J Morneau to second.81
5thT Plouffe doubled to deep center, A Casilla scored.82
5thJ Morneau doubled to deep right, T Plouffe scored.83
6thC Patterson singled to right, J Molina scored.93
6thJ Bautista homered to right (409 feet), C Patterson scored.113
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