30-37, 9-17 away
28-40, 14-16 home

Scoring Summary

2ndM Treanor grounded out to shortstop, J Francoeur scored.10
4thA Escobar grounded out to third, M Moustakas scored, M Treanor to third.20
4thH Matsui homered to right (364 feet).21
5thB Butler doubled to deep left, E Hosmer and J Francoeur scored.41
5thC Crisp singled to right, J Weeks scored.42
8thE Hosmer singled to right center, A Escobar scored, M Cabrera to third.52
8thJ Francoeur hit sacrifice fly to center, M Cabrera scored.62
8thS Sizemore reached on infield single to third, H Matsui scored.63
8thK Suzuki safe at second on throwing error by shortstop A Escobar, S Sizemore scored.64
9thA Escobar doubled to right, M Moustakas scored, C Getz to third.74