30-39, 9-19 away
30-40, 16-16 home

Scoring Summary

2ndD Barton grounded into fielder's choice to first, C Jackson scored, K Suzuki out at second, S Sizemore to third.01
2ndJ Weeks doubled to deep center, S Sizemore and D Barton scored, J Weeks to third advancing on throw.03
2ndC Crisp singled to right, J Weeks scored.04
3rdH Matsui homered to right (384 feet).05
3rdD Barton grounded out to first, J Willingham scored, C Jackson to third, K Suzuki to second.06
5thM Cabrera singled to center, B Pena scored, A Escobar to third.16
5thJ Francoeur doubled to deep left, A Escobar scored, M Cabrera to third.26
5thJ Weeks singled to right, S Sizemore scored, J Weeks to second advancing on throw.27
7thK Suzuki doubled to left, S Sizemore scored.28
8thW Betemit hit a ground rule double to deep right center, B Butler scored.38
8thB Pena doubled to deep right, W Betemit scored.48