Scoring Summary


1stM Kemp homered to center (455 feet), J Sellers and J Loney scored.30
2ndJ Sellers doubled to deep left, J Carroll scored.40
2ndJ Loney singled to center, J Sellers scored.50
2ndJ Rivera singled to center, J Loney and M Kemp scored.70
3rdR Barajas homered to left (391 feet).80
5thR Barajas homered to left (391 feet), A Ethier and A Miles scored.110
9thA Miles homered to right (413 feet), A Ethier scored.130
9thR Theriot grounded into fielder's choice to third, C Patterson scored, S Schumaker out at second, D Freese to third.131
9thJ Jay singled to left center, D Freese scored, R Theriot to second.132