Scoring Summary


2ndS Schumaker singled to right, M Holliday scored.01
3rdM Kemp singled to center, J Sellers and T Gwynn scored.21
3rdJ Rivera doubled to deep left center, M Kemp scored.31
3rdC Blake singled to center, J Rivera scored, C Blake to second on throwing error by center fielder J Jay.41
3rdJ Loney hit a ground rule double to deep right, C Blake scored.51
3rdA Ellis singled to left, J Loney scored, J Carroll to second.61
5thA Ellis homered to left (420 feet).71
6thJ Rivera homered to left (448 feet), M Kemp scored.91
7thG Laird homered to left (383 feet), S Schumaker scored.93
9thA Craig hit a ground rule double to deep center, G Laird scored.94