59-83, 25-44 away
64-77, 38-31 home

Scoring Summary

1stE Hosmer doubled to center, M Cabrera scored, B Butler to third.10
1stJ Francoeur singled to center, B Butler and E Hosmer scored.30
2ndK Suzuki singled to center, B Allen scored, R Sweeney to third.31
2ndS Sizemore homered to center (403 feet), R Sweeney and K Suzuki scored.34
3rdB Butler homered to left (401 feet).44
5thJ Willingham singled to left center, J Weeks scored, C Pennington to third.45
5thD DeJesus hit sacrifice fly to left, C Pennington scored.46
7thB Butler homered to right center (401 feet), A Escobar scored.66
9thA Gordon doubled to deep right, C Getz scored.76
9thM Cabrera singled to left, A Gordon scored, M Cabrera to second advancing on throw.86
9thE Hosmer doubled to right, M Cabrera scored, B Butler to third.96
9thM Moustakas singled to right, B Butler and E Hosmer scored, M Moustakas out stretching at second.116