3-0, 3-0 away
0-3, 0-3 home

Scoring Summary

1stM Kemp hit sacrifice fly to center, D Gordon scored.10
3rdM Kemp singled to center, D Gordon scored, M Ellis to second.20
3rdA Ethier doubled to deep right center, M Ellis and M Kemp scored.40
4thA Ellis homered to left (379 feet).50
5thC Headley walked, J Bartlett scored, C Maybin to third, C Denorfia to second.51
5thJ Guzman walked, C Maybin scored, C Denorfia to third, C Headley to second.52
5thN Hundley walked, C Denorfia scored, C Headley to third, J Guzman to second.53
5thC Headley scored, J Guzman to third, N Hundley to second on wild pitch by S Elbert.54
5thO Hudson singled to left, J Guzman scored, N Hundley to third, Y Alonso to second, N Hundley thrown out at home attempting to advance on play.55
11thD Gordon singled to right, A Ellis scored.65