Scoring Summary


1stM Cabrera singled to right, A Jackson scored.01
1stJ Peralta doubled to deep center, M Cabrera, P Fielder and A Avila scored.04
2ndM Aviles doubled to deep right center, D Ortiz and D McDonald scored.24
2ndM Cabrera hit sacrifice fly to center, R Raburn scored.25
3rdD Ortiz doubled to deep center, A Gonzalez scored.35
3rdM Aviles singled to left, D Ortiz scored, R Sweeney to second.45
3rdN Punto hit sacrifice fly to center, R Sweeney scored, M Aviles to third, K Shoppach to second.55
3rdM Aviles scored, K Shoppach to third on balk by M Scherzer.65
3rdJ Ellsbury singled to left, K Shoppach scored.75
4thB Boesch singled to right, R Raburn scored, A Jackson to third.76
4thM Cabrera grounded into double play, third to second to first, A Jackson scored, B Boesch out at second.77
6thA Gonzalez homered to right center (409 feet), J Ellsbury scored.97
9thN Punto reached on infield single to shortstop, D McDonald scored, C Ross to third.107
9thM Cabrera homered to left (393 feet), A Jackson and B Boesch scored.1010
11thN Punto singled to left center, C Ross scored, M Aviles to third.1110
11thD Pedroia singled to left, M Aviles scored, N Punto to third.1210
11thD Young hit sacrifice fly to center, M Cabrera scored.1211
11thA Avila homered to right (361 feet), P Fielder scored.1213
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