Scoring Summary


1stA Gonzalez doubled to left, M Aviles scored, D Pedroia to third.10
1stD Ortiz singled to left center, D Pedroia scored, A Gonzalez to third.20
1stP Konerko doubled to deep center, A Dunn scored.21
3rdK Youkilis homered to right (385 feet), R Sweeney, A Gonzalez and D Ortiz scored.61
3rdJ Saltalamacchia homered to right (361 feet).71
3rdA Pierzynski singled to left, A Ramirez scored, A Dunn to second.72
4thD Viciedo homered to left center (414 feet).73
5thJ Saltalamacchia homered to left center (398 feet), K Youkilis scored.93
9thR Sweeney singled to left, M Aviles scored, R Sweeney to second advancing on throw.103