Scoring Summary


3rdA Pagan doubled to right, B Crawford scored.01
3rdP Sandoval singled to center, A Pagan scored.02
4thA Craig hit sacrifice fly to right, J Jay scored.12
4thM Adams hit a ground rule double to deep right, M Carpenter and C Beltran scored, Y Molina to third.32
4thT Wigginton singled to left, Y Molina scored, M Adams to third.42
4thP Kozma singled to shallow right, M Adams scored, T Wigginton to second.52
4thM Carpenter singled to right, T Wigginton and P Kozma scored, J Jay to third.72
4thC Beltran singled to left center, J Jay and M Carpenter scored, A Craig to second.92
8thM Carpenter doubled to center, J Jay scored.102
8thA Craig singled to left, M Carpenter scored.112
9thP Kozma hit sacrifice fly to right, Y Molina scored.122
9thJ Jay tripled to deep right center, T Cruz and T Wigginton scored.142
9thG Quiroz singled to center, B Belt scored, N Noonan to second.143