Scoring Summary


1stA Pollock scored on throwing error by pitcher J Sanchez.01
1stM Montero grounded out to second, M Prado scored, P Goldschmidt to second.02
1stA Marte doubled to deep center, P Goldschmidt scored.03
2ndA Pollock homered to left (396 feet), J Wilson and G Parra scored.06
4thJ Harrison singled to left, A McCutchen scored, G Sanchez to second.16
4thA Pollock homered to left center (412 feet).17
4thC Pennington walked, P Goldschmidt scored, M Montero to third, A Marte to second.18
4thJ Wilson walked, M Montero scored, A Marte to third, C Pennington to second.19
4thW Miley grounded out to shortstop, A Marte scored, C Pennington to third, J Wilson to second.110
7thS Marte reached on infield single to third, M McKenry scored, J McDonald to third, N Walker to second.210
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