Scoring Summary


2ndJ Hairston Jr. singled to left, T Federowicz and D Gordon scored, C Crawford to second.20
2ndA Gonzalez singled to deep right center, C Crawford scored, J Hairston Jr. to third.30
2ndA Ethier lined out to pitcher, J Hairston Jr. scored, A Gonzalez to third, Y Puig to second.40
2ndS Schumaker singled to left, A Gonzalez and Y Puig scored, S Schumaker to second advancing on throw.60
5thC Crawford singled to right, T Federowicz scored.70
5thM Carpenter singled to left center, D Descalso scored.71
5thC Beltran singled to left center, M Carpenter scored, J Jay to second.72
5thM Holliday singled to center, J Jay scored, C Beltran to second.73
6thS Schumaker singled to center, A Ethier scored.83
6thD Gordon singled to right, S Schumaker scored, T Federowicz to second.93
6thD Descalso singled to center, M Adams scored.94
9thA Ethier doubled to deep right, N Punto, C Crawford and Y Puig scored.124
9thS Schumaker singled to left, A Ethier scored.134