Scoring Summary


1stM Teixeira doubled to deep right, C Headley scored.01
2ndS Drew homered to right (385 feet).02
3rdC Headley homered to right (386 feet).03
4thR Flaherty doubled to deep right, N Cruz and S Clevenger scored, K Johnson to third.23
4thN Markakis singled to right, K Johnson and R Flaherty scored.43
4thD Lough tripled to deep right, N Markakis scored.53
4thA Jones reached on bunt single to third, D Lough scored.63
8thD Lough hit sacrifice fly to right, K Johnson scored, R Flaherty to third.73
8thA Jones singled to center, R Flaherty scored, N Markakis to second.83
8thN Cruz singled to left center, N Markakis scored, A Jones to third.93
8thM Teixeira homered to right (335 feet), C Headley scored.95