Scoring Summary


1stMurphy singled to center, Granderson scored, Tejada to second.01
1stConforto reached on infield single to pitcher, Tejada scored, Murphy to third, Johnson to second.02
1stNieuwenhuis singled to left center, Murphy and Johnson scored, Conforto to second.04
3rdNieuwenhuis singled to center, Conforto scored.05
5thRollins homered to right (358 feet).15
5thJohnson homered to right (397 feet).16
5thNieuwenhuis doubled to deep right, Conforto scored.17
5thHarvey doubled to left, Nieuwenhuis scored, Plawecki to third.18
6thPederson homered to right (353 feet).28
6thMurphy homered to right center (422 feet), Tejada scored.210
6thDuda homered to right (377 feet).211
6thHarvey singled to right, Conforto scored, Nieuwenhuis to third.212
6thGranderson struck out swinging, Granderson safe at first on wild pitch by Ravin, Nieuwenhuis scored, Harvey to second.213
7thDuda homered to right center (396 feet).214
7thCampbell walked, Conforto scored, Nieuwenhuis to third, Plawecki to second.215