76-64, 28-40 away
60-80, 33-42 home

Scoring Summary

2ndRasmus homered to right (439 feet).10
4thConger singled to left, Gattis and Rasmus scored.30
4thAltuve doubled to center, Springer scored.40
5thGattis homered to left (334 feet), Gómez scored.60
5thConger hit sacrifice fly to center, Rasmus scored, González to third.70
5thButler homered to right center (385 feet).71
5thBurns singled to right, Semien scored.72
5thReddick homered to right center (396 feet), Burns scored.74
6thGómez homered to left center (430 feet).84
6thButler singled to right, Lawrie scored.85
7thGonzález homered to left center (399 feet).95
8thCorrea grounded out to shortstop, Springer scored.105
9thConger singled to shallow right, Villar scored, González to second.115