Scoring Summary


1stOrtiz doubled to deep center, Bogaerts scored.10
1stMahtook singled to center, Guyer scored, Mahtook to second on error by center fielder Betts.11
1stLongoria doubled to left, Mahtook scored.12
1stSouza Jr. singled to center, Longoria scored.13
6thShaw doubled to deep right, Bogaerts scored, Ortiz to third.23
6thSandoval reached on infield single to shortstop, Ortiz scored.33
6thHanigan hit sacrifice fly to center, Shaw scored.43
8thForsythe singled to right, Longoria scored.44
8thCabrera homered to right center (421 feet), Forsythe scored.46
8thArencibia homered to left (396 feet), Souza Jr. scored.48
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