Scoring Summary


1stShaw homered to right (410 feet), Bogaerts and Ortiz scored.30
2ndRefsnyder hit a ground rule double to deep right, Young scored, Bird to third.31
3rdOrtiz singled to center, Pedroia scored.41
5thBeltrán hit a ground rule double to deep right center, Ellsbury scored, Rodriguez to third.42
5thMcCann grounded out to first, Rodriguez scored, Beltrán to third.43
5thYoung reached on infield single to third, Beltrán scored.44
6thRodriguez homered to left (379 feet).45
7thBetts homered to left center (424 feet).55
11thMarrero singled to center, Shaw scored, Swihart to third.65
11thBradley Jr. sacrificed to second, Swihart scored, Marrero to second.75
11thBetts homered to left (403 feet), Marrero scored.95
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